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What on earth is sparking?

It's the way we use social media, Web 2.0, and interactive marketing for our clients to initiate relationships, increase traffic, and build sales. Let's walk through our proven program for romancing your market online.

Sparking is where everything begins.

Everything begins with a spark. Relationships, new client contacts and even ideas. We call it "Sparking" because, well, we invented it and there wasn’t a word for it. Simply—or perhaps we just make it seem that way— Sparking is a soup-to-nuts process where we work with your staff (and become a virtual extension of your staff) to combine social media, interactive marketing, blogging, content creation, online events, advertising and reputation management all into one neat and powerful little package that recruits, romances and nurtures relationships with our client's prospective customers and clients. But how do we do it?

This used to be your website.

In order for us to explain how Sparking works in a relatively simple way that won’t take all day, we need to travel back to the beginning of time — or at least several years. This shining orb represents your website. Years ago, your website was the center of everything. It was where you directed everyone from print ads, direct mail, TV and more. It worked well. For a while...

Now, it's harder to get noticed

Your website is still important, but it’s getting lost in the noise online. Search Engine Optimization worked sometimes — but not always. And now everyone is talking about social media. The truth is, social media is confusing and it doesn’t work the way most people think it does. So how does Sparking work, and what does it do?

Sparking creates and nurtures connections

Social Media isn't a Facebook page or a Twitter account (although some actually claim this!). Those are just two tools that help you participate in Social Media. In fact, Social Media is about the whole online process of Sparking relationships and contacts through dialogue. By using hundreds of Social Media tools, Sparking creates thousands of points of contact online by providing valuable information through original and linked content.

Knowledge, legwork -- and romance

Our goal is ultimately to increase sales. To do so, we grow relationships for our clients using the power of online networking and marketing. Working with your staff, we create original content for branded blogs, eblasts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites ­— all with your approval. Then we scour the Internet for various opportunities where we can insert friendly, helpful comments and links in order to introduce new people to your network. Once we draw people in, we romance them into your network and continue to enhance the relationship with eblasts, blog posts and helpful information designed to increase participation.

We deliver results you can actually see.

How do we – or you – know what’s being done each month? We present a highly detailed report as well as a yearly overview. And we show our results in a way anyone can understand, with charts and easy to digest explanations. But our process doesn’t end here. As you know, technology is rapidly evolving and techniques change – even your company changes. Perhaps there’s a new product or service you want to tell the world about. We use our monthly reports as an opportunity to see what worked and what didn't. Then we revise and refine our strategy – that's the key to making everything work. It's an organic process that’s constantly evolving. Want to learn a little more? Here's a tiny synopsis of what we present.

It's easy to get started with us.

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